At My Eye Photography we apply great attention to detail in every photo. We take each athlete through a series of pre-planned photos, so you're guaranteed to love your portraits. During studio sessions, we even allow you to choose your favorite photo(s) ON THE SPOT!

Did you know by booking with My Eye Photography you get one FREE BANNER? Scroll down to read more!

Pricing & Packages

Package 1

Order form

Old School Ordering.
1 pose
Must fill out the order form for photoday.

Package 2


OVER 4 individual poses to choose from.
Add-on Buddy photos


Team Photo only

We obviously still want everyone in the team photo.

Don't forget about your FREE BANNER!

Teams with 7 or more athletes gets a free small banner

Teams with 15 or more athletes get one large 48-96in banner

One banner per team or group.


$40 Each

Editing fee included
18 x 24inches

What's NEXT??

Send me Names and Emails!

Each athlete/Parent will receive a personal email from me that includes all the information regarding the experience. They will choose from one of the packages and schedule online. EVERYONE MUST SCHEDULE BEFORE THE SESSION DAY.

Most athletes prefer option two because we take more than just one individual photo. It's always nice to have options. Let's show your tough side and get smiles for mom and dad!

The Session

Since everyone scheduled online, we don't have to deal with the mess of order forms or the struggle of who will be photographed next!

Choose from on location or at the studio with the green screen.

Green Screen: Each athlete is photographed separate and composited together for one epic team photo! The team doesn't have to be there at the same time. One make-up day is available for the athletes that couldn't make it there that day.

On location: Everyone has to be there on photo day. No make-up days allowed. No editing fees for buddy photos.

Ready to Begin?

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