SO EXCITED...               

I’ve scheduled my portrait session with My Eye Photography....

           NOW WHAT??


The way you wear your hair is part of your self-image. We know you want to look like yourself in your portraits, so we discourage radical changes in your hairstyle prior to your portrait session. If you color your hair, do NOT forget to retouch your roots! Hair appointments for trims, colors or perms should be scheduled for a week prior to your portrait session.  

For the ladies... consider scheduling a hair style & make-up appointment for the day of your portrait session. Although we retouch every image that is ordered, we highly recommend a professional make-up application. Make-up artists know how to accentuate your facial features so that you look stunning and photograph your absolute best!  


Planning outfits for a family photoshoot is key to creating beautiful, cohesive portraits that you'll cherish forever. Here are some tips to help you choose the perfect ensembles for your family:

Coordinate Colors, Don't Match: Select a color scheme that complements each family member. Choose one to three main colors and mix in neutral tones to balance everything out. This approach allows individual personalities to shine while maintaining a unified look.

Consider the Location: Think about where you're taking the photos. Outfit choices should complement the background and not blend in too much. For a beach setting, light blues, creams, and corals work well. For a park or forest, consider earth tones and pastels.

Mix Textures: Adding different textures can add depth and interest to your photos. Combine materials like denim, lace, knit, and cotton. Textures work particularly well in monochromatic outfits to prevent them from looking flat.

Plan for the Weather: Be prepared for weather changes, especially if shooting outdoors. Layering works well for quick adjustments and also adds variety to your looks throughout the session.

Avoid Busy Patterns: Large, bold patterns can distract from the faces in the photographs. If you love patterns, keep them minimal and try to ensure not everyone is wearing patterns.

Accessorize Thoughtfully: Accessories like hats, scarves, and jewelry can tie an outfit together, but don't overdo it. Choose one or two key pieces per person that complement the outfits without overwhelming them.

Footwear Matters: Choose shoes that are comfortable and fit well with your outfits. For natural settings, avoid high heels that can sink into the ground. In urban settings, something chic yet practical works best.

Try Everything On Beforehand: Make sure everyone's outfits fit well and are comfortable a few days before the shoot. This gives you time to make any necessary adjustments.

Include Sentimental Items: If there’s a special piece of jewelry, a vintage family garment, or even a fun prop like a blanket or a toy for the kids, include it. These items add a personal touch and can make the photos more meaningful.

Think About the Final Display: Consider where you plan to display your photos. Choose outfits that will complement your home’s decor if you're planning to hang them on the walls.

Instant diet tricks! If you want to look slimmer...

   - choose darker colors

   - opt for longer sleeves ... a good guideline to follow is the larger the arm the longer the sleeve

   - avoid busy patterns - such as stripes and plaids - as they can add 1 to 2 sizes

   - avoid outfits that are a combo of light & dark... such as white jeans with a black shirt

   - avoid loose or bulky clothing


Outfit Selection: Finalize your outfits now. Make sure you have everything you need for each look, including accessories and shoes. This gives you enough time to shop for any missing items.

Hair and Skin Care: Start taking extra care of your skin and hair. Stay hydrated, moisturize regularly, and avoid any drastic changes like a new hair color or cut that you might regret later.

Appointment Bookings: If you're planning professional hair and makeup, book these appointments for the day of the shoot. It’s also a good time to confirm your session with the photographer and discuss any last-minute details or concerns.

Props and Extras: Gather any props you plan to use. These could include items for children to hold, sentimental objects, or themed accessories that enhance your photos.

Location Scout: If you haven't yet, visit the location of your shoot to get a feel for the environment and think about potential poses or areas you'd like to use.

Ladies, if you will be applying your own make-up, be sure you have everything you will need the day of your portrait session...

  - Concealer: apply a small amount of concealer on blemishes

  - SPF-free moisturizer and foundation:  prevent reflections and enhance the skin's natural glow

  - Translucent Powder: set your base foundation and further prevent reflections

  - Blush: brighten up your face with a little color on the apples of your cheek-bones (like petal pink)

  - Eye shadow: go glimmery to top off perfect eyes or go smoky for a dramatic look

  - Eyeliner: brown is a natural alternative to heavy black

  - Black Waterproof Mascara: enhance lashes with a fresh mascara that separates lashes and does not contain clumps

  - Lip Stick: best in berries and browns... avoid frosty pink

  - Lip Gloss: any berry color looks great

If you haven’t sent us your wall snapshots... please do it NOW! 


Outfit Preparation: Launder and iron all outfits. Arrange them in groups to ensure quick changes during the session, if needed. This includes checking for any missing buttons, uncomfortable tags, or stains.

Pack Essentials: Pack a bag with everything you'll need. Include a small makeup kit for touch-ups, hairbrush, hairspray, extra hair pins, and a small sewing kit for emergencies.

Rest Well: Ensure everyone gets plenty of rest leading up to the session. Well-rested participants will have a better demeanor and appearance in photos.

Hydrate: Keep everyone hydrated and avoid salty foods or alcohol that can cause bloating or skin issues.

Review Details: Double-check the time, date, and location of the portrait session. Plan your travel time to arrive a little early.

Consider having your optometrist remove the lenses in your glasses for your portrait session. If you can't, don't worry about it, but we may not be able to avoid all glare. 

Don’t forget about your manicure & pedicure! Avoid chipped nails and overly bright colors. French

manicures are a natural look that compliments most outfits.

Avoid chapped lips. Avoid sunburning your lips and use ChapStick.


Final Outfit Check: Try on your entire outfit(s) to ensure everything fits comfortably and looks the way you want it to. This includes undergarments that properly support and don't show under clothing.

Accessories and Props: Lay out accessories and any props you're planning to bring, ensuring they're clean and in good condition.

Pack a Bag: Prepare a bag with essentials:

Outfit changes and accessories

Hairbrush, hairspray, and hairpins for touch-ups

Makeup for quick fixes

A small mirror

Snacks and water, especially if children are involved

Wipes or a small towel

Make sure you are well rested for tomorrow... go to bed early! 


Excited? Great we are too! Nervous? It’s perfectly normal. But try not to worry, as soon as you arrive to our studio we will do our best to help you relax. Before you know it you’ll forget all about your nerves because you’ll be having so much fun! A few tips before you leave home...


  - Cloudy? Great!... we actually LOVE clouds! They’ll add dimension to your portraits.

  - Overcast? No worries! Then we don't have to worry as much about squinting or harsh shadows. And with our advanced lighting techniques - we can even make your portraits look bright & sunny!

  - Raining? Most showers come & go very quick, but if it looks like non-stop rain just give us a call and together we can decide whether we should reschedule your session. Keep in mind that we can get some really fun & unique outdoor portraits in the rain!

  - Raining when you arrive? Just call us on your cell and we will meet you at your car with an umbrella.

Give yourself plenty of time to get ready... you want to be able to enjoy today and not feel rushed.

Don’t forget to shave!  Guys, if you want the clean shaven look, consider shaving just a couple hours prior to your session. What if you want a scruffy look, but mom wants clean shaven? Agree to disagree and bring along your shave gear. We'll start off with your stubble or beard and then after a bit clean it up for mom.

A ZIT now?? Just apply a little bit of concealer and then don't worry about it… we'll take care of it in retouching.

If you are applying your own makeup - please be sure to follow the tips discussed earlier. 

Make sure you pack your make-up and hair preparation products before you leave.

Nails show! Make sure they are clean and well groomed. Ladies - double check polish is not chipped!

Double check you have all outfits w/ undergarments, accessories & shoes.

Double check you have all of your props, equipment & gear for the activities & interests on your list!!

Bring your ipod. We have a docking station in our studio so that you can have fun while listening to your music. If you don’t want to bring it, don’t worry ... we can play your favorite music on Pandora.

Bring pets in a carrier or on a leash. Don't forget their treats! Also, be sure to bring someone along to watch your pet if necessary.

Not sure where we are? GPS us or print out mapquest directions for 526 South Minnesota st. New Ulm, MN 56073

Remember... your senior portraits aren’t just about what you look like, they’re also about who you are. Don’t

be afraid to make suggestions. Don’t be afraid to try new things. Be yourself. Have fun!